Monthly Archives: April 2011

Finally a SUNNY day!

We finally got a couple of nice sunny days after a cold and rainy start to Spring.  On Friday, I cleaned the full boat cover and let it dry on the boat, then removed it and packed it away until next November.  Gave the boat a quick wash, then finished installing the helm compass that I had taken apart to repair some wiring and re-fill with Ritchie compass fluid.  Now there is no longer a half dollar size air bubble, and the red LED lights work for night-time sailing.  I also finished mounting the GPS antenna for the AIS (automatic identification system).

Saturday was the first day this year that the temperature has gone  above 60F in Seattle.  We (Karen, Jacintha, Amanda, and the newest crew member Taffy–ruff ruff) took the boat out on Lake Union and motored around, grilled some hot dogs and enjoyed the sunshine!