Monthly Archives: May 2011

Trip to Poulsbo

The weather window was perfect for a quick weekend trip on April 30th. We set out late and went through the large lock. When we got out onto the sound the wind was blowing north, so we decided to head northwest towards Poulsbo. Since there was some wind we put the sails up, but it soon died down so we had to use the iron sail!
It was wonderfully sunny but the wind was cool. It was lovely getting the boat out again after a long rainy season.
We made it to Poulsbo in 3 hours and anchored out in Liberty Bay, then took the dinghy into town. Had a walk around and bought some cookies from Slavs Bakery. The local mart had fresh herbs growing outside that you could pick to use! Cintha fell asleep so Jim and I went and chilled out in the coffee shop while she lay down on a bed made of two chairs!
Went back to the boat and we had roast chicken for dinner which I cooked in the new oven. I love it!

The next day was a lovely calm morning. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast, cooked by Jim. Then we headed into town where Jim bought a bell for the boat and we ate ice cream. Motored back to Seattle going through Agate Pass against the peak current!! Oops we hadn’t checked the tide tables! Didn’t have to wait long for the locks and it wasn’t as busy as we thought they would be.


When we got back to our dock, we noticed the shore power inlet was blackened due to excessive heating as was the shore power cord – we’d nearly burnt the boat down. Thankfully we were off the grid on our trip to Poulsbo and very cozy with our diesel stove that Jim managed to coax to work! Jim quickly changed over the shore power inlet to a “smart plug” that cuts off the power when things heat up! That was a close call and money well spent!