Monthly Archives: March 2012

Long-overdue Update

Will try to make more frequent updates to this blog!

We haven’t done much sailing since October, but did take Apropos out for the Argosy Christmas Ship Parade.  I bought 5 strands of programmable LED lights and modified them so I could control them with a PSoC chip (the thing I’ve spent the past 13 years working on at Cypress Semiconductor).  I ran 2 strands from bow to stern along the port and starboard lifelines, and 2 strands from the mast-top–1 fore and 1 aft.  I also had normal white LED strands on the mizzen mast,  booms, bowsprit, and a star at the end of the bowsprit.  The Argosy Parade was a huge success–not too cold,  good friends (18 aboard), plenty of food & drinks, and no rain!  A video of the lighting display put to music and a short ‘technical’ slide show is here: