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As part of Jacintha’s home-schooling for 2nd grade, she is writing a journal.  Below are some of the entries.  She loves to draw and most of the entries in her journal are accompanied by pictures, some of which are included below.

December 2014, Puerto San Everisto, MX

Make New Friends.  Rrrrrrrrrrr! went the dinghy engine.  Me, mommy, and daddy were going to San Everisto in our dinghy.  We brought crayons, paper and a water football for kids we found at Everisto.  Once we got there, we parked at the beach.  Then a five and a two year old caught up with us.  We tried to talk but too bad they spoke Spanish.  Luckily we had a Spanish book.  After a little bit of talking, we gave them the crayons and ball.  The next thing I knew I was playing catch with the five year old girl.  Then mommy and daddy left us to play.  We found a trigger fish and a puffer fish.  After that we did a little bit of coloring, then my new friends had to go to La Paz to sell fish.  So I looked for my mom.  When I found her I found a dog who caught rocks you throw in the water.  The end.


December 2014, Isla San Jose, MX

Hiking.  Me and daddy were climbing a mountain.  On the way, we saw spiky plants and a circle on the ground.  On the mountain we ate a packet of skittles, then we saw a Turkey Vulture and a lizard.  Then on the way home we found a rock with a circle on it.  The end.



December 2014, La Paz, MX

Dance Party.  I was at a dance party!  First I danced my legs off.  Then one, two, three, me and Gracey went.  Then we played school.   Me and Gracey were students and Bucket was the teacher.  Then we ate.  I had spicy chicken and rice.  Then I went on stage.  Rock and Roll music was playing and me and Gracey were dancing, then girls in pretty dresses were dancing.  The end.

DSCN0840 DSCN0843

December 2014, Bayo Muertos, MX

Fish.  Pipe Fish have a long body.  Its long tail wiggles in the waves.  It is green with yellow dots on its back.  Rock Fish camouflages as a rock.  Parrot Fish are as colorful as a parrot.  Lots of parrot fish are not alike.  Puffer Fish puff up to scare away predators.

December 2014, Cabo San Lucas, MX

Beach Party.  I was at the beach.  No!  I was going to a beach party.  When I got there, I jumped in the waves.   After that I made some water balloons, then I swam in the waves!  Then I got my tire floaty thing with a hole in the middle and daddy blew it up and I went surfing on it because I did not have a paddle board.  After that I got to throw water balloons at the grand Poobah.  I for one water balloon on his head.  Then we played tug-a-war and the girls won!  Then I tried to make a house I could fit in with my friends.  The end.


November 2014, Bahia Santa Maria, MX

Beach Party at Bahia Santa Maria!!!!!   I was going to a beach party in a dinghy.  When we got there I found my friend and we jumped in small puddles along the beach, then we jumped in a puddle that had a crab in it!  After that we found shells, pointy ones flat ones bumpy ones and even colorful ones! Then it was lunch time. I had some prawns, then my mom found a  hermit crab and we found three more crabs!  Then we let them go and found sand dollars and then we made a (crab sized ) maze and put a crab in it . It just ran into a dead end so we trapped it and we put water in it. Then we put a dead fish in it but it just pushed it away! Then it was time to go home.   THE END!


October 2014, San Diego, CA

Bye, Hi, Bye, Hi.  I was going to a boat to make a friend.  She showed me her boat.  She had two brothers and her name was Tennyson.  Then we took her to a BBQ.  Before we ate, we played Jail and tried to push each other in the pool.  It was hard not to fall into the pool.  The Jail game, you have to escape from a corner and run away without getting caught by the police.  Then it was time for our hotdogs.  Then it was time to go home so we went to our boat, then we picked up mommy (who had just arrived from Seattle).


October 2014, Near Catalina Island, CA

Snap, Click, Splash, Ouch.  We were sailing and I was down in the cabin.  Poppy and daddy were up in the cockpit.  Then I saw something that looked like a giant spider in the cabin.  So I ran up to the cockpit to get daddy.  At first he did not believe me so I made him come down to see, then he saw it too.  It was not a giant spider, it was a cute crab!  Daddy brought it up with a glove and showed poppy!  Then daddy took off the glove and dropped the crab, it did not hurt him, but it surprised him.  Then we saw him breath bubbles.  At last we threw him out the boat and saw dolphins.  The end…


October 2014, Balboa, CA

Fun Land.  I was playing at a game place!   I played Whack-A-Frog first, then I played a coin game.  After that I went to a fair and went on a ferris wheel.  It went around about 30 times in one turn.  Then I went to a candy shop and got a candy container with a toy dog whose eyes could pop out!  Then I got a Sponge Bob Squarepants popsicle.  His eyes were white bubble gum with black frosting on the outside.  Then daddy and I went back to the boat.

October 2014, Anaheim, CA

California Adventure.   I was at California Adventure and I saw a British lady with a cute dog wearing a witch costume!  After that I went on a ride where you went on a seat and it lifted you up and you watched a big TV and it looked like you were flying outside of a airplane!  Then we went on a ride where you went on a boat and went down tall slides and got soaked.  Then we went on a ride like an elevator and looked into a mirror and watched yourself turn into a ghost and you went super high up and a door opened so you could see how high you were and it all of a sudden dropped you and you went down so fast that your butt went off your seat.  It was like flying then you bumped into the bottom and it lift you up again!


September 2014, Catalina Island (Avalon), CA

The Beach.  I was at the beach.  First me and daddy saw an angel fish.  After that I made a sand castle, then I went swimming.  Then I went to a part where I could walk and there was a lot of seaweed, and I tried to get the seaweed stuck to my legs.  After that I went fish searching and saw a school of zebra fish right next to me.  The end.


September 2014, Catalina Island (Two Harbors), CA

Lick, Lick.   I was licking ice cream.  I had bubblegum, poppy had french vanilla, daddy had coconut pineapple.  After that poppy went to a shop to buy me a fly swatter (we had flies on the boat!) while daddy and me went to the beach.  At first me and daddy found cool rocks and shells.  After that daddy had a nap while I got stuff to make a shop.   I had explosions, sand cookies, shells, a rubber  band, rocks, and sand crab skeletons.  Then poppy came back and poppy and daddy bought stuff (from her shop).


September 2014,  Marina Del Ray, CA

Ooooooooo, Ahhhhhhhh.  I saw a seal!  I went up close then a lady came up more close than me and put down some frozen fish and the seal did not move so she kicked it forward and the seal jumped into the water.  After that I got ice cream with strawberries, raspberries, airheads, and fruity bears in it.  Yummy, yummy I ate it.  Then we walked home thinking what a nice day.  The end.

September 2014, Los Angelas, CA

Disneyland.  Weeee, I was at a rocket ride at Disneyland.  I could make it go up and down.  Then I went on a ride called Blaster where you shoot Z’s with a gun!  Then I went on a roller coaster.  I went on 3 times!  Then I went on a boat and it took me to look at houses from story books.  Then I went on a roller coaster that went fast in the dark and it showed a fire monster dude.  Then I saw a parade.  The end.



September 2014, Oxnard, CA

Yippy!  I jump into the pool then I swam around and saw a little girl with the same goggles.  After that I tried to stand on a noodle.  It was fun because it was hard to stand on the skinny noodle in the water.  Then the little girl noticed that we had the same goggles and we showed each other under water tricks.  After that we went to the hot tub and I made another friend.  After that a grownup who was at the party said cake time, then everyone except me ran over to get a slice of cake.  I did not go cause I was not invited.  After that my daddy came down, we sat in the edge of the hot tub until a grownup said we have extra cake so would you like some?  Yes I said.  So I went to sit down and eat cake.  Once I was done, I played war.   We had to throw things at each other.  Water was a force field.  You could use a boogie board for shields.  Then we fake sneezed and I pretended to swallow a beach ball and sneezed it out.  After that we put water in the hole of a noodle and blew.  I sat on a noodle and got dunked, then I went to the hot tub and saw my friend.


I was at the bike place and my dad got us a three person bike.  I sat in the front being look-out.  Daddy and poppy were in the back peddling.  We went on a bridge!  On the way down it was like a roller coaster.  We went to a market and got two boxes of popcorn.  After that we went back to the bike shop and got ice cream and went home.


September 2014, Santa Barbara, CA

Wipe, Wipe, Wipe, Crunch, Crunch, Crunch.  I was eating pancakes with butter, then I was done and we went to a shop that sold post cards.  I got a postcard for Chloe and Vivian and one for Mandy.  Chloe and Vivian had two friendly dolphins on the front of their post card and Amanda had a Pug with sun glasses on and a pink blow-up coconut tree next to it.  Then we wrote them and walked toward the beach on a long piece of wood.  Once we got to the beach, I made a sandcastle.  After that we picked up poppy (who flew in to join us).  The end.


September 2014, Santa Cruz, CA

Bleah! I threw up on my sofa, then I went to the other side of the couch and slept. Zzzzzz. Then I woke up. I wasn’t comfy so I went to my room to change. After that I stood and threw up right on the floor outside my bedroom. At last daddy came inside and looked at me and then came closer to get a better look and stepped in my throwup with bare feet. Yep this was the weirdest day ever. (Jim’s comments–true story, and when I realized what I stepped in, she laughed at me!)


September 2014, Sausalito, CA

San Francisco.  We were at the boat on a dock, then daddy paddle boarded me to a shallow part near the beach, then I jumped into the water. It was cold but I stayed in the water, then I swam toward the beach until my tippy toes could touch sand, then I walked to the beach. Once the water was up to my shin, I bent down to pick up some yucky icky wet sand then I let it slowly drip to my other hand. This was fun because the sand was soooo drippy.





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